SIGGD Game Jam 2023 - Theme: "I am not alone"

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Another year another jam! This jam kept with the format from last year, but happened much earlier in order to be able to fit in two jams this semester!


Created by: Andy Sharpe
Windows Download
A game were you to abduct as many people as possible before the military can take you out!


Created by: Oliver Long, Ethan Dawes, Sam Shafer, Nicole Tomaszewski, Tyler Hsieh, Sara Xiao
Windows Download
Run around collecting ants to build bridges and defeat the spiders!

Farm Run!

Created by: Joy Lin, Sam Haughtington
Windows Download
Relaxed endless sidescroller. Collect a herd of cute farm animals.

Not About You

Created by: Ansh Agrawal
Windows Download
You are an apartment complex manager. Times are rough and the housing market is horrible. As such, most people live in double apartments with another person. Your goal is to pair up residents such that there are no conflicts between residents, as well as making sure that no noise complains occur.

Project Gemini

Created by: Alex Boezer, Andrew Hanlon, Ivan Yang, Nathan Whitacre
Windows Download
Best played with a friend, this side-scrolling platformer follows a bulky dog and a nimble cat as they work together to solve puzzles laid out for them by mysterious scientists on a space station. Dog Controls: WASD - Hold [S] mid-air to charge and release a ground pound that sends nearby objects flying. Cat Controls: Arrow Keys - Press [Up Arrow] while on a wall to leap off for extra height. Other Controls: [R] to restart the level - [Alt+F4] to quit


Created by: Aidan Velleca, Jordan Hindes, Alex Ashby, and Andy Sliwa
Windows Download
Player can split into shadow or light forms to navigate, shadow can go in the dark and light can go in the light but if you go not the wrong setting you have to restart.