Sign up for the Global Game Jam!

13 January 2020 - Clayton

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On Friday, January 31th starting at 4:30 PM in LWSN B151 will be the Global Game Jam! Compete with developers from around the world and spend the weekend making your own game! Free pizza will be available!

Please click this link to sign up, as limited space will be avaliable.

Here’s also information about the jam site:

Come to the SIGGD Callout, and sign up for the SIGGD Game Jam!

19 August 2019 - Clayton

On Thursday, August 29th and Tuesday, September 3rd at 6:30 PM in LWSN B131, SIGGD will be hosting its Fall callouts! There are 2 different days available, as space is limited, so please only show up for one. The content of both callout meetings will be the same. Please show up and learn more about SIGGD, and find a place in our team!

Also, on Friday, September 27th starting at 6:00 PM, and running until Sunday September 29th at 5:00 PM, in LWSN B151 will be the SIGGD Game Jam! Compete for prizes and spend the weekend making your own game!

Please click this link to sign up for the SIGGD Game Jam, as limited space will be available.

Fall 2018 SIGGD Game Jam Complete!

23 September 2018 - Vinson

After around 48 hours of jamming, the SIGGD Game Jam is complete! The theme was “There’s no time to explain!” and we have a total of 7 submissions.

1st place, for gamer’s headphones with mic: Explanation

2nd place, for Steam giftcards: Clocktower!

3rd place, for the Unity/Unreal Textbook collection: Event Horizon!

You can find the submissions here

Looking forward to next year, with hopefully more participants and more prizes!

New semester, new game, new event!

07 September 2018 - Vinson

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Another new semester ahead of us! We got a new plan for our game this year, and we’re cooking up something special! Come to our meetings and join the development on our new awesome game!

Upcoming event:

The SIGGD Game Jam will begin on Friday, September 21st at LWSN B155, 6pm Join us on this exciting event to compete with fellow students and build a game in 48 hours under a secret theme! There will be food and snacks!

Please click this link to sign up. You can form teams of up to 4 or go solo!

Come to the SIGGD Callout, and sign up for the Global Game Jam!

10 January 2018 - Andrew

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On Tuesday, January 16th at 6:00 PM in LWSN B131, SIGGD will be hosting its Spring callout! Show up and learn more about the Special Interest Group for Game Development, and find a place in our team!

Also, that Friday the 26th starting at 4:30 PM in LWSN B151 will be the Global Game Jam! Compete with developers from around the world and spend the weekend making your own game!

Please click this link to sign up, as limited space will be avaliable.

Here’s also information about the jam site:

Come to the CS 390 VR Open House

05 December 2017 - Andrew

alt text

SIGGD Will be at the CS 390 VR Open House this thursday! It will be from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm in LWSN B131.

Come try out our latest multiplayer game, Project W! We don’t have much to show on the art asset side, but we have two playable characters and a fully fleshed out networking system. Come and check it out, and play with the rest of the team!

The SIGGD Game Jam is now over!

24 September 2017 - Andrew

alt text

Thanks to everyone who participated, we had a lot of interesting games shown! With a total of 7 teams participating, we had a variety of games to try out!

1st place, for the LED Gaming Hard Mousepad: Prince Of Egypt!

2nd place, for bluetooth speakers/radios: Paul Funyan!

3rd place, for the Unity/Unreal Textbook collection: Velvet Valley Village!

You can find the submissions here

Looking forward to next year, with hopefully more participants and more prizes!

The SIGGD Game Jam has begun!

21 September 2017 - Andrew

alt text The SIGGD game jam has officially commenced! We have around 20 participants, all who are eager to win some prizes!

This years theme is: “Folklore”! So grab your history books and fairy tales, because this sounds like quite the challenge!

On Saturday, we will have brunch at 10:00 am with fruits and snacks, and dinner at 6:00 pm. Come to hang out with other participants and give some games a shot! Remember, it is a lot easier for a new player to find bugs as opposed to yourself.

Anyone who has any more questions about the game jam can send emails to The SIGGD Email.

Now get jamming!


24 August 2017 - Vinson

alt text Welcome back to another semester ahead of us!

We have several upcoming events: The ACM Callout is on Friday, September 15th at PHYS 114, 6pm Find out what special interest group you would like to join! Bring your friends, even non-CS majors! There will be food!

The SIGGD Callout is on on Tuesday, September 19th at LWSN B131, 6pm Come to the SIGGD callout to learn more about what we do in game development and check out our current ongoing project Lumina, as well as our past work!

The SIGGD Game Jam will be on Friday, September 22nd at LWSN B151, 6pm Join us on this exciting event where you can build a game in 48 hours under a secret theme, and compete with fellow students for prizes! There will be food and snacks!

Please click here to sign up for the SIGGD game jam! Teams of up to 4 members will be accepted.


13 March 2017 - Vinson

alt text

BoilerFrag Lan Party is happening this Saturday, March 15th, from 10a.m. to 10p.m in STEW 218ABCD.

Stop by to play games, join tournaments, and meet people from the Purdue gaming community! SIGGD will be setting up a booth to demo our very first 3D game “Lumina” for input.

SIGGD, larger than ever, is starting our first 3D game!

10 February 2017 - Andrew

alt text

After many meetings with designing and formulating our latest game, we have finally decided on a concept and a game!

Introducing Lumina, a 3D rouge game that is influenced by many well-known games such as Bioshock, Skyrim, and even Minecraft.

Our team is larger than ever, with a variety of developers with different backgrounds. We are all incredibly excited to take a large step with SIGGD, and developing a new 3D game!

Global Game Jam Useful Links

20 January 2017 - Andrew

Hello Game Jam participants! Here’s a set of useful links for you to use for this weekend’s Global Game Jam!

Global Game Jam Website

Jammer Resources

Game Jam Diversifiers (for people who want to do more than just the theme)

Sign up form

Jam Site

Game Upload instructions

Global Game Jam is Open!

07 January 2017 - Andrew

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Registration to participate in the Global Game Jam 2017 is now open! SIGGD is hosting a site this year at Purdue University. It’s open to anyone over 18 years of age, goes on from January 20th to January 22nd and starts at 5:00 pm. Anyone. Students, seasoned veterans, enthusiasts, professional developers, whoever! Since there’s limited space available, I made a form for anyone interested to fill out:

Here’s also information about the jam site:

Hoping to see a bunch of jammers!

Grappling Hook Fighters is Complete

28 December 2016 - Andrew Lonsway

Grappling Hook Fighters is done! Go check it out and download on its project page!

The SIGGD 2016 Game Jam is complete!

14 October 2016 - Andrew Lonsway

alt text

After almost 24 hours of hacking, the 3rd annual SIGGD Game Jam is now complete. We started out with about 11 participants, but numbers fell as groups weren’t able to have all members show up. In the end, we had 8 people which led to 5 games being submitted overall.

We had a lot of new developers making games, and I am sure everyone learned something new while working together. Next game jam will most certainly be bigger, and we will try to make sure there are more awesome prizes as well!

The final results of the game jam were:

1st Place - Prize of Unity Pro - DVGame

2nd Place - Prize of Homido Virtual Reality Glasses - HOJ

3rd Place - Prize of Bluetooth Speakers - PlyZone

You can find the games themselves here

Signups are open for the SIGGD Game Jam

14 October 2016 - Andrew Lonsway

Next week, Friday, the 21st through Sunday, the 23rd, we are having a Game Jam hosted by SIGGD in LWSN B151. It will start at 6:00.

Prizes such as a year of Unity Pro and HOMiDO Virtual Reality Glasses will be avaliable for the winners! Food will be provided for dinner Friday and Saturday, and we will be holding the entire room throughout the weekend.

Make sure to bring your laptop, as we cannot garuntee there will be enough computers for you to work on in Lawson!

Be sure to RSVP here

Something new, An extended Game Jam!!

25 September 2016 - Andrew Lonsway

alt text

So we are trying something different this year. Instead of solely doing the tutorial and moving on to work on our game, we are going to have a 3 week long hackathon! It won’t be a typical day-to-day hackathon, all meetings will take place as time to work together, and should be enough time to get your game running.

However, that isn’t all. The games will include two mystery assets, one for 2D and one for 3D! You can find the 2D asset here and the 3D asset here. To properly import these prefabs, add them to your “Asset” folder and drag them into the scene inside of the editor.

All games must use at least one of these assets in some way, shape or form. It can be an integral mechanic of the game, or it can simply be a background prop. All it needs to be is visible within the first few minutes of playing the game.

Developers are able to modify the asset only by adding more components to the gameobjects or changing the values of the components. You cannot delete any component or gameobject.

We will demo these on our meeting Thursday, October 20th, and the top winners will have their games hosted on the website. Myself and all other experienced members will be around to answer any questions about unity.

Good luck, everyone!

Come to the ACM/SIGGD callout!

06 September 2016 - Andrew Lonsway

alt text

The ACM callout is coming soon, Friday the 16th of September at 6:00pm at PHYS 114! Make sure to come to that callout to learn more about SIGGD and all the other ACM groups.

The SIGGD callout will be on the following day, Saturday the 17th at 6:00 at LWSN B131. Make sure to come that day so we can start teaching you all about the club, and get you all accustomed to Unity.

We have a lot planned, including a fun tutorial, a two week-long game jam, and finally rolling out our newest game, “Grappling Hook Fighters”, for lack of a better name. It is almost complete, and we need YOUR help to finish it!

Want to get a head start? Download this powerpoint and follow the instructions to our Unity tutorial (click here) and try it out yourself!

Direct any questions about the tutorial to

Global Game Jam is Open!

16 November 2015 - Lee Anne

alt text

Registration to participate in the Global Game Jam 2016 is now open! SIGGD is hosting a site this year at Purdue University. It’s open to anyone over 18 years of age. Anyone. Students, seasoned veterans, enthusiasts, professional developers, whoever! Since there’s limited space available, I made a form for anyone interested to fill out:

Here’s also information about the jam site:

Hoping to see a bunch of jammers!

Space Salvage is done!

29 October 2015 - Andrew Lonsway

Space Salvage is finally done! We submitted the project to IGF after several long hours of work and difficulty, but it is finally ready.

Click here to play the game in-browser now!

Fall 2015 Game Jam Postmortem

01 October 2015 - Lee Anne

Overall, I think the game jam was a success. There were 16 participants and 4 teams entered their game at the end. There was one team of 4 at the start that didn’t return after the first day, so I don’t know why they decided to stop participating. But overall, there were a lot of cool ideas floating around and a lot of fun between the groups.

The facilities were actually quite adequate for the game jam. For Friday and Saturday, we stayed in Knoy 306, which had tables in the middle of the room that the participants could rearrange into what they needed for their group. On Sunday we had to move to Knoy 340 only because I worked in that lab during the game jam and I wasn’t going to be held responsible for anything the jammers did because I wasn’t there.
Despite this, everybody was having fun.

After everybody entered their game, we had a little showcase. There was a game where you played as a cell that ate other cells and grew bigger and bigger. Another game you played as an elderly person and had to fight off these robotic nurses that were trying to capture you.
The third game you played as the last human and had to fight off robots before they killed you. The last game, you played as a robot who found and fell in love with another robot and tried to escape a laboratory. It was really interesting seeing the different ideas that came out of the theme, which was Artificial Life.

Having semester game jams seems to be working on bringing the game development community together here at Purdue. I’ve met people from the different game dev clubs on campus, and even some that weren’t a part of those clubs. It’s really exciting to see the gaming culture as prevalent as it is on a campus that’s known for its STEM programs because that means the students are changing Purdue to accept game development. What we make moves the world forward.

Fall 2015 Game Jam, Day 1

25 September 2015 - Lee Anne

alt text

The game jam has been going for about 2 hours now, and there is a lot of talking, ideas flying around, task prioritizing, and story elements being passed between teammates. There are 14 participants split into 4 groups. It’s so lively.

After weeks of planning and coordinating various things together (advertising to various universities, advertising around Purdue, asking industry professionals to help judge and come up with a theme), I am happy we have this amount of people here for the second game jam. We are offering prizes again, which was probably part of the appeal. Grand prize is the Razer DeathAdder mouse, one for each winning teammate. Second and third place have a choice of these fundamental skills books: one focusing on sound design, one for game programming, one for figure drawing, and one for game design.

The theme for this weekend’s game jam is Artificial Life. The ideas I am hearing are really exciting. I’m excited to see what they come up with in the next 40+ hours. Many thanks to the CGT department for sponsoring this game jam.

New Recruits!

14 September 2015 - Lee Anne

alt text

ACM’s callout was great! We had a lot of freshmen that were interested in ACM and what the SIGs do as well as a small smattering of upperclassmen who were interested, too. SIGGD got 10 or so new people, and we’re taking them through tutorials. A little heavy on the programmer side, but we’ve got a fair amount of artists and sound engineers, too! Andrew, our lead programmer, created a very basic tutorial that took the programmers through all the various things they needed to know and even let them customize their own game! Austin is taking his rookies through sound design, and I’m taking my artists through the joys of pixel art and maybe even 3D art. Today, everybody is finishing up their tutorials from Saturday and we’ll move on to the next challenge!

A New Year, New Faces, and The Same Game.

31 August 2015 - Andrew Lonsway

alt text

Are you an artist, programmer, level designer, sound artist, or just someone that wants to play a game 10,000 times to break my code? Come to the ACM callout at 7:20 on September 9th in PHYS 114. We will have a short demo of the game there and a lot more information about what we need, and what you can get out of this.

With the new year officially in session, we are about to recruit some new members and finish our game-for lack of a better name-“Space Salvage”. The development for a while has been rather slow with me at the programming helm, but once we get some more playtesting, better lighting, feedback, more game mechanics, and fully implement our procedural generation, the game will be ready to be sent to the Independent Games Festival (IGF).

We are also planning another game jam soon, more details about that later. This time it’ll be bigger than ever, and you better come, despite whatever you think you may or may not know!

Post-SIGGD Game Jam

07 April 2015 - Lee Anne

alt text

SIGGD’s first game jam started well. Three teams entered: a group of three, a group of two, and a group of one. I warned them of all the quirks of the lab, provided snacks and drinks, and they were off on creating a game in 42 hours. I got drawn into creating a game; I really can’t stay away from these things, ha ha. My team left around midnight, but the other teams worked steadily into the night. How long they stayed up is their secret.

Somewhat early the next day, I begrudgingly pulled back the warm covers of my sweet, sweet bed and came back to the game jam sight to work some more. One team rolled in a couple hours later, and the other later that night. Getting fed up with the restrictions of my laptop, we decided to head home to a better computer and work from home. The team of three stayed and the team of one left as well. Once home, my partner and I worked in shifts, grabbing a couple hours of sleep here and a couple hours there. It was a rough night.

We headed back to the jam sight to see if the judges would show up (a couple were long distance and a couple were local). But as the submission deadline ticked ever closer, I got nervous. Someone would have to judge the games, and logically that should be me. But, what do I do about my entry? The easiest solution was there all along: disqualify the game I was working on to judge the other games. That would be the course of action if the judges didn’t respond.

I sent out the link for the judges to play the games, and one responded. Since I couldn’t base a winner off of one judge’s ranking, I disqualified mine and judged the others. Unfortunately the single participant couldn’t enter her game because her internet went out, so by default the team of three won. It wasn’t the best ending to SIGGD’s first game jam, but it’s a start.

For the future, I’m planning another game jam in the fall as well as hosting the Global Game Jam in spring. I learned a lot from this first experience: this event needs to be earlier and advertised a lot harder. So, with that in mind, I look forward to bigger and better game jams in the future.

SIGGD Game Jam Update

24 March 2015 - Lee Anne

It’s almost time for the game jam and I’m excited to see it happen! I have 4 judges as well as sponsorship from Google and the Computer Graphics Tech department here at Purdue. It’s a small step, but I’m really happy we can now have prizes and food at the jam. Hopefully attendance will be decent. I put fliers all over the big student spots on campus, so I hope my efforts have helped get the word out!

There’s still plenty left to do. Request guest accounts, check to see if the building will be open, go get prizes and food, prep the judges are just the few things to do before the jam. It’s going to be a crazy week, but it’s going to be so fun at the jam.

Let’s go!

SIGGD Game Jam 2015

28 February 2015 - Lee Anne

After missing the Global Game Jam, SIGGD decided to host our own game jam here at Purdue! The venue is set, the time have been chosen, all that’s left is to advertise, advertise, advertise! Also, find sponsors.

I have been asking professionals in the industry for support as well as groups on campus for advice and support. So far, I have one judge, a possible sponsorship from ACM, and a couple leads from networking. Hopefully there will be enough support for the jam.

Let’s see what happens in a month.

New Year, New Semester, New Gamers

27 January 2015 - Simon Smith

alt text

As part of the “New Semester, New Project” initiative of ACM, we have started our brand new project Space Salvage Game (Internally named as NewSpaceGame).

Keyword-wise our project is a top-down 2D space exploration game. Where you, Space Dude, is on a space walk salvaging an old wreckage collecting relics and other lost and forgotten things of the past. Equipped with his trusty wallet and tether, Space Dude bravely steps out to where no one has gone before.. well recently.

In other news, we gained some new members, initiated planning on a GameJam for this semester, and will also (hopefully) be demoing our game at BoilerFrag 8.0 this spring.

BoilerFrag Exposure

30 October 2014 - Lee Anne

alt text

SIGGD is going to have a working prototype of Killer Platform (working name) for Purdue University Gamers Group (PUGG)’s event called BoilerFrag. BoilerFrag is a big LAN party for gamers on campus. People come together and games of all sorts for a day. This would be a great opportunity to gain more exposure for SIGGD, who we are and what we do, as well as a great opportunity to get feedback on our current project. BoilerFrag is in a couple weeks, and we are steadily making progress.

Updated Photo and GDC Sponsorship

04 October 2014 - Lee Anne

alt text

After a couple of years, the “About Us” photo needed an update. Most of the people in the old photo graduated and are doing things in their jobs. So here we are, a smaller group with a few stragglers that came in after the photo, but still strong at developing games.

In other news related to games, I contacted a fair amount of US game companies about helping sponsor members of SIGGD to go to the Game Developers Conference in March of 2015. A few are interested in helping sponsor our trip, most probably sent my email into the trash, but there are lots more companies out there to ask. Just even getting a response shows people are interested in helping young developers break into the field. I’m excited. Are you?

Post-Fall 2014 Callout

20 September 2014 - Lee Anne

We had a good turnout from the ACM callout! About 10-15 new members joined, possibly more, and they all seem eager to sink their teeth into the project. Thursday, Unreal Engine 4 was not installed yet on the computers, so I talked about various aspects of the club as well as answered many of their questions.
Today, UE4 was installed on half of the computers, so we had to improvise. Everybody got experience in Unreal by playing around with various templates and assets of UE4. Tuesday, we will start giving tasks to the rookies and plunge them into game development!

Fall 2014 Callout!

16 September 2014 - Lee Anne

As another semester starts for SIGGD, we are wrapping up production on 20,000 Leagues Over the Sea and entering it into the 2015 Independent Games Festival. A top down shooter with 2D backgrounds and 3D art assets, sound effects and music, and of course, generous doses of programming, we say goodbye and good luck.

Our new project for this semester is currently called Player as Platform. It is a 2D side scrolling puzzle platformer with a twist: the player is a platform destroying humans in some strange alternate reality. To help emphasize the dark humor vibe we want, for art and sound direction, we decided to have a happy, bright, and (for art) a chibi feel.

I personally felt having a basic game idea in place before the callout will help new members jump into an idea already in progress as well as get potential new members excited about this new idea. Here’s to a big turnout!

Purdue Global Game Jam Post Mortem

02 February 2014 - Nicholas Rishel

alt text

Global Game Jam 2012 was a pivotal moment in my life: it was the first experience I had in having completed a game with others, and within the confines of a weekend at that. It left an impression on me.

This left me distraught having learned Purdue had not held the event since 2010 (a year in which had no submissions). This year I had the opportunity to amend this, by coordinating Purdue’s Global Game Jam 2014 site.

Planned in two and a half weeks, Purdue’s location hosted 30 registered participants who funneled into 5 teams which stuck through to the end. While I often felt somewhat unnecessary during the event, the before and after stages taught me quite a bit.

Click here to read more..

Github Relocation

30 January 2014 - Simon

Hey there SIGGDers! We are now starting to convert our existing Assembla subervsion repositories to gits hosted by Github.

If you have any questions about github or need access just shoot an email off to our email on the right or just ask Simon, Tyler or Lee Anne.

You can visit our github page here!

Summer Update, Lighting!

15 August 2013 - Ian

Hey there Blob Blog Followers! Our Lead Designer, Ben, is home from his summer internship and is getting into gear for the upcoming semester of Blobbing! Here is a summer update special showcasing the early looks of a lighting system.

Happy Blobbing!

Summer Update, Cannon!

13 August 2013 - Ian

Hey Blobbers! I’ve made a new enemy for our adorable Blob to deal with, Cannon! I’ve made two videos to showcase what I’ve done with our Blobthirsty Friend! Happy Blobbing!

Summer Update, The Day After Canada Day!

02 July 2013 - Ian

Hey Blob Followers! Most of the team has been on hiatus from blobbing this summer, but I have been working on a possible new enemy for Blob. Introducing… VacuumBot!

Keep an eye out for future Summer Blob Updates, including new maps and features! See you then!

Blob Game Multiplayer!

02 April 2013 - Ian

Over here on Blob Squad we have been working hard to make an enjoyable game. Following that goal we implemented multiplayer! These are our first moments blobbing with pals!

We have already made several bug fixes and implemented more features since these Blob Moments™ were captured! Look for more Blob Game in the near future and make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for video updates and developer diaries.

First Recruit

03 March 2013 - Tyler

Here’s a look at our first unit and some of our first tiles for Animal Armies. We have two different teams represented in addition to our pirate turtle.

Soon we will post a video showing off some of our gameplay and music. Stay tuned!

Physics Fun!

25 February 2013 - Ian

Playing around with our level editor makes for some world-collapsing situations!!

2013 Update

23 February 2013 - Ian

Its been some time since our last update, but we have not been laxing here at Purdue SIGGD! For the Spring 2013 Semester there are two projects that we are working on.

Animal Armies, an Animal themed turn based strategy game, and Blob Game, a puzzle platform with an adorable main character!

This post is for our activities so far in Blob Game and we hope to keep this more regular. Stay Tuned!

Dev Videos will come next!

Onward to Development!

13 October 2012 - Evan

Team Panorama

It’s already October, and things are moving forward quickly here at SIGGD. We’ve planned out our backlog, set our goals, and have started our sprints! After brushing up on the engine, level editor, and other necessary tools, all of our teams are already quickly moving into developing the game along with our new members.

Ramon didn't like the face he made.

Our art team has been working hard on assets for the game. Here you can see Edward working hard on our main character, code named, “Lucy”, and Lee Anne working on her, “Winged Bot”

We’ve been working on Version 3 of our level editor dubbed “TreeQuake”, where we can edit our maps, events, and placement of actors all while being able to test and play the game! It’s quite an improvement on our previous iterations and we’re excited to watch it progress!

We’re swiftly moving forward, and can’t wait to update you on our progress in the future!

First Meeting Fall 2012!

14 September 2012 - Evan

We’ve had our two call outs, and the results of our first meeting are phenomenal! The two call outs had 100+ students in attendance, and our first Saturday meeting had 40+ new members show. With this huge surge in membership, we’re looking for ways to expand our working environment. We’re working hard to get the wiki up and moving, as well as developing a curriculum to teach new members about our engine, level editor, and general game programming.

We’ve decided to focus on teaching our new members the fundamentals of their team’s work for September, while re-evaluating the situation come October to decide whether or not to push for the IGF 2013 deadline of Oct 31st.