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Purdue ACM's Special Interest Group on Game Development

About Us

Founded in Fall 2011, Purdue ACM's Special Interest Group on Game Development is a multi-disciplinary group of Purdue University students that creates a new game each school year. As part of the Association for Computing Machinery Purdue chapter, we are the first SIGGD of ACM National. Our goal is to develop creative and interesting games. In addition, we host a game jam (game development hackathon) each semester were groups come together either online or in-person to create a video game prototype in 48 hours.

We primarily communicate through our Discord Server, so if you are interested in joining the club be sure to join!


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The Vyronov Effect (2022-2023)

In the aftermath of a science experiment gone wrong, do your best to avoid enemies and escape the complex in this procedurally generated stealth game.

A third person dungeon crawling stealth game. This is the first SIGGD game to include a story and voice acting!

Sight-Vines (2021-2022)

Use stealth mechanics and items to fight enemies in this boss-fighting game.

A top-down stealth boss-fighting game. Sneak through hidden paths, find equipment, and plan your attacks carefully!


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Andy Sharpe - President

2020 - Present

Andy is a senior studying Computer Science with concentrations in Software Engineering and Graphics who is also pursuing a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. This is his third year in SIGGD and his first year as President. He has published the games Heavy Recoil and HYPERJUSTICE on Steam, and spends his free time 3D modeling in Blender and gaming.

Ivan Yang - Vice President

2022 - Present

Ivan Yang is currently majoring Computer Science and Physics and minoring in Chemistry and Mathematics. This is his second year in SIGGD and his first year as the Vice President. He enjoys watching lots of TV shows and movies. He doesn’t spend a lot of time playing games, but he is passionate about creating games!

Andy Sliwa - Art Lead

2022 - Present

Andy Sliwa is in their third at Purdue double majoring in Animation and VFX pursuing a career in the animation industry. This will be their second year in SIGGD and first year as Art Lead. Their goal is to work in storyboarding and, hopefully, one day be a producer of a feature or TV production. They have skills in 3D modeling, 2D animation, digital art, and is knowledgeable in Adobe Suite and other industry standard software. Some fun facts is they enjoy horror movies, th... (Click here to read more)

Jacob Aldridge - Programming Lead

2022 - Present

Jacob is a junior studying Computer Science with concentrations in Graphics, Systems Software, and Algorithmic foundations. This is his third year in SIGGD and his first year as Programming Lead. He enjoys drawing, creative writing, and music production and is scrambling to get minors in all three of those areas. Of course, he also loves to play video games.

Nathan Whitacre - Design Lead

2022 - Present

Nathan is a second-year Computer Science major with an interest in software engineering and graphic design. This is his second year in SIGGD and first year as Design Lead. Beyond his love of playing and making video games, he also enjoys road biking and hiking, and has a passion for learning the Spanish language.

Noah Henson - Audio Lead

2022 - Present

Noah is a Biochemistry major who also works at the Purdue Exponent as a staff reporter and news editor. He is a violinist in the school’s philharmonic orchestra. He also works as an undergraduate research assistant in the lab of molecular synthesis and catalysis, a lab that focuses on organometallic chemistry.

Game Jams

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Global Game Jam 2024

We are running the Global Game Jam yet again, this time as a partnership with The Envision Center! This was our largest jam yet with 12 game submissions and over 40 participants!

Game/Music Jam 2023

Due to popular demand we are having a second game jam in a semster for the first time ever! We have decided to join Berklee College of Music’s 2023 Game/Music Jam.

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