SIGGD Game Jam 2022 - Theme: "Start Small"

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SIGGD’s self-organaized game jam is back! Make a game in a group or solo within a 48 hour period from September 23rd 2022 at 7pm to 7pm on the 25th. This jam ended up being our largest ever, with 10 games made and 25 participents.

Frosty the Snowball

Created by: Vanshika Balaji
Windows Download
You start out as a pretty small snowball rolling down a snowy mountain, and you want to try to get as big as possible by avoiding trees that come in your way.

InkFish Game

Created by: Connor Behrend, Annie Hwang, Christine Yuan, and Karen Zheng
Windows Download
In “Inkfish Game”, you control a small squid who dreams of escaping its tank. To grow, eat fish that are smaller than you. The squid you control doesn’t move at a constant speed, so make sure to time the movement correctly, otherwise you’ll be lunch! If you’re looking for a change of pace from pixel art or 3D games, our game is made entirely from digital art with a very simplified art style.


Created by: Andy Sharpe
Windows Download
Mac Download
Design your ship with modular parts to fight pirates in a procedurally generated asteroid field. Each level gets harder but gives you more points to spend on parts.

Meatball Simulator

Created by: Chandler Pilipis
Windows Download
Play as a fleshy sentient meatball! Roll around! Absorb grubs for nutrients and score! Their population from various points around the map starts out small but slowly increases as you consume more of them."


Created by: Andrew Hanlon, Jared Brown, Nathan Whitacre, Quan Dinh, and Wallace Gazaway
Windows Download
Uh oh! Merlittle's been sent to the dungeon! Use your magic to escape!

Retail Rush

Created by: Blake Edwards, Will Zollman, and Noah Henson
Windows Download
A simulation of the never-ending task of satisfying retail customers. As the sole employee at GoodMart, your number of tasks starts small, but as the customers flood in, the situation quickly spirals out of control. Your firing is inevitable, but how long can you placate the masses?

Snowball Shoveler

Created by: William Hou, Seb Herrera, and Nikhil V
Windows Download
Mac Download
In this game, you have to shovel snow to make a big snowball, while avoiding enemies like ice cubes, Jack-o-Lanterns, and holes. Use the arrow keys to move, and use the space bar to punt your snowball with your shovel (hold space to charge your punt). Accumulate as much snow as you can in 3 minutes, and make sure your snowball or your don't fall into the hole, or else you die! Featuring hand drawn animations in a painted and crayon style!


Created by: Andrew, Austin, and Priya
Mac Download
Penguins walk around to roll a snowball. At max size, you can drop snowballs off. Stack snowballs to build snowmen that can throw snowballs at other penguins. You can also push other penguins off the edge to kill them.

Squad of One

Created by: Ansh Agrawal, Sam Schafer, and Patrick Zong
Windows Download
You are a helicopter. A small, worthless, piece of shit helicopter. But you wanna get better, you wanna get bigger. But you have to start small. Protect your base from missiles. You don't have any weapons yourself so use your helicopter body to block the missiles. If the bases, which share the same health, drop down to 0 health, game over (without a game over state).


Created by: Andrew Choi
Windows Download
Arcade shooter. Survive as long as you can. Kill enemies to grow your army. WASD = Movement, Space = Screen Nuke, Mouse = Point and Shoot.