The SIGGD 2016 Game Jam is complete!

14 October 2016 - Andrew Lonsway

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After almost 24 hours of hacking, the 3rd annual SIGGD Game Jam is now complete. We started out with about 11 participants, but numbers fell as groups weren’t able to have all members show up. In the end, we had 8 people which led to 5 games being submitted overall.

We had a lot of new developers making games, and I am sure everyone learned something new while working together. Next game jam will most certainly be bigger, and we will try to make sure there are more awesome prizes as well!

The final results of the game jam were:

1st Place - Prize of Unity Pro - DVGame

2nd Place - Prize of Homido Virtual Reality Glasses - HOJ

3rd Place - Prize of Bluetooth Speakers - PlyZone

You can find the games themselves here

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