Come to the ACM/SIGGD callout!

06 September 2016 - Andrew Lonsway

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The ACM callout is coming soon, Friday the 16th of September at 6:00pm at PHYS 114! Make sure to come to that callout to learn more about SIGGD and all the other ACM groups.

The SIGGD callout will be on the following day, Saturday the 17th at 6:00 at LWSN B131. Make sure to come that day so we can start teaching you all about the club, and get you all accustomed to Unity.

We have a lot planned, including a fun tutorial, a two week-long game jam, and finally rolling out our newest game, “Grappling Hook Fighters”, for lack of a better name. It is almost complete, and we need YOUR help to finish it!

Want to get a head start? Download this powerpoint and follow the instructions to our Unity tutorial (click here) and try it out yourself!

Direct any questions about the tutorial to

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