Fall 2015 Game Jam, Day 1

25 September 2015 - Lee Anne

alt text

The game jam has been going for about 2 hours now, and there is a lot of talking, ideas flying around, task prioritizing, and story elements being passed between teammates. There are 14 participants split into 4 groups. It’s so lively.

After weeks of planning and coordinating various things together (advertising to various universities, advertising around Purdue, asking industry professionals to help judge and come up with a theme), I am happy we have this amount of people here for the second game jam. We are offering prizes again, which was probably part of the appeal. Grand prize is the Razer DeathAdder mouse, one for each winning teammate. Second and third place have a choice of these fundamental skills books: one focusing on sound design, one for game programming, one for figure drawing, and one for game design.

The theme for this weekend’s game jam is Artificial Life. The ideas I am hearing are really exciting. I’m excited to see what they come up with in the next 40+ hours. Many thanks to the CGT department for sponsoring this game jam.

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