Onward to Development!

13 October 2012 - Evan

Team Panorama

It’s already October, and things are moving forward quickly here at SIGGD. We’ve planned out our backlog, set our goals, and have started our sprints! After brushing up on the engine, level editor, and other necessary tools, all of our teams are already quickly moving into developing the game along with our new members.

Ramon didn't like the face he made.

Our art team has been working hard on assets for the game. Here you can see Edward working hard on our main character, code named, “Lucy”, and Lee Anne working on her, “Winged Bot”

We’ve been working on Version 3 of our level editor dubbed “TreeQuake”, where we can edit our maps, events, and placement of actors all while being able to test and play the game! It’s quite an improvement on our previous iterations and we’re excited to watch it progress!

We’re swiftly moving forward, and can’t wait to update you on our progress in the future!

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