Space Salvage (2015-2015)

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Space Salvage is an open world, procedurally generated 2D landscape that you, the drifter, must scavenge. You and your equipment only start with so much, and it is up to you to continue exploring the landscape, bringing packages to your ship, leaving and buying upgrades, and protecting yourself from the several hazards you may encounter while you explore this world.

You have three components you must watch out for, being Oxygen, Health, and Suit Integrity. Only losing health can kill you, but losing oxygen and suit integrity can lead that to be much sooner than anticipated.

In addition to maintaining your own safety, you have a cable which connects from you to your ship. This cable can be extended and contracted regarding the length that you have purchased, and feeds oxygen to you while connected. It can be easily destroyed, snagged, caught, or sliced up by the several hazards within the world, so it adds an additional factor of difficulty with survival.