Fall 2014 Callout!

16 September 2014 - Lee Anne

As another semester starts for SIGGD, we are wrapping up production on 20,000 Leagues Over the Sea and entering it into the 2015 Independent Games Festival. A top down shooter with 2D backgrounds and 3D art assets, sound effects and music, and of course, generous doses of programming, we say goodbye and good luck.

Our new project for this semester is currently called Player as Platform. It is a 2D side scrolling puzzle platformer with a twist: the player is a platform destroying humans in some strange alternate reality. To help emphasize the dark humor vibe we want, for art and sound direction, we decided to have a happy, bright, and (for art) a chibi feel.

I personally felt having a basic game idea in place before the callout will help new members jump into an idea already in progress as well as get potential new members excited about this new idea. Here’s to a big turnout!

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